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“SHARED”—What does this mean?

You may see the word “SHARED” in all caps at the beginning of a system or content title within the CMS. This phrase indicates that this particular CMS content item is actually used on multiple pages on your CMS website. Highlights are typically shared as they appear on multiple Generic web pages in the form of right sidebars or sliders. A linked copy of the item may be placed in multiple folders in the CMS. Although the item appears in more than one folder, it is in fact one item.

If you edit an item that is “SHARED”, the content (your edits) will update on each page and in each spot that the content is shared on. If you purge (delete) the “SHARED” CMS item from the CMS, the content will disappear from each and every page that the item is shared on. This is very important to note. If you would like to remove a linked copy from a folder, contact us at <cmshelp@mtu.edu>.
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CMS Item Naming Conventions

It’s important to choose your system titles wisely, regardless of what items you are creating in the CMS. The system title is only used within the CMS and is only seen by CMS users. That doesn’t make it any less important, though. Clear, well thought out system titles allow your items to be findable and reusable within the CMS. Use system titles that are descriptive and specific to the item you are creating. The better the name, the better the chance of it being found, used, and reused. It’s important to note that your department may have different ideas of what naming conventions do and do not make sense. Here are some general suggestions and conventions for naming your CMS items. You may decide to follow the ones that make the most sense to you and for your department’s CMS website.

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Good File Naming Conventions

There are a number of good tips to keep in mind when you name your folders, files, and web pages. These tips will help to keep your URLs short and specific to what they involve. Good file naming will also help with search engine optimization.

  • Don’t include spaces or other punctuation in your folder or file name. If necessary, use dashes in this manner: “my-new-file.pdf”.
  • Try to keep your folder or file name short while still making sense.
  • Use key words.
  • Use lowercase.
  • Pick a filename and stick to it. Besides our CMS restrictions, not renaming your file will keep the file indexed by any search engines.
  • Try to avoid using years, version numbers, or other naming patterns that date a file. Maintenance is reduced and user experience is sustained when you can just overwrite the old file with the new one each year and keep the filename the same. However, for archiving purposes, different filenames may be important (e.g., FY09). To ensure that your new filename updates properly, please let the CMS team in University Marketing and Communications know when you change a filename.

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