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Social Media Widget

The social media widget can only display and link to Michigan Tech social media accounts as this is a custom-coded item. Your site must be using the top nav, responsive layout for it to function.


  1. Copy the “SHARED Social Media Feed External Snippet” from the global folder under Top Level.
  2. Paste the External Snippet, As a Link, into the folder where you will be using it.
  3. Slot the External Snipped in the List Slot of the Generic (Page)

News Widget (Top Nav, Responsive Version)

The news widget can be full content width (Figure 1), 2/3 width (Figure 2), 1/2 width (Figure 3), 1/3 width (Figure 4), or with (Figure 5) or without (Figure 6) images in the sidebar. You can add one or more buttons or social media links also and you can combine multiple feeds. Your site must be using the top nav, responsive layout for it to function.

Figure 1
Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 2

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Research Projects

Academic departments have the option to automatically pull in research project information to their CMS website. The information comes from a database of projects that are approved for public knowledge by the Research Office. The standard information that is pulled in is:

  • Principal Investigator
  • Co-PI
  • College/School
  • Department(s)
  • Sponsor
  • Center/Institute

The PI and Co-PI fields will automatically link names to their faculty page if one is set up in the CMS.

Departments can be given the ability to override this information (as viewed on your departmental website only) or manually add projects that are not listed. If you have never used this function before, you must contact cmshelp@mtu.edu to get set up.
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