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Adding/Modifying Links on Pages/Sidebars

You can add, modify, and remove links in the content area (body copy) or right sidebar on your web page:

  • Add a CMS Link: link to another CMS web page or file (pdf, doc, etc)
  • Add a External Link: link to a page outside the CMS
  • Update/Modify a Link: update or modify a preexisting link
  • Removal of a Link: remove a link from your page

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How to Use Link Anchors

Link anchors are a very useful tool to help users navigate to specific locations in a long, detailed web page of useful information. An anchor is a reference to another point in a page and has the format “#link”. As an example, you can skip to the footer of this blog post by clicking on this link anchor: footer. Notice how the page scrolls down to the bottom for you.

We will begin with a short lesson about using link anchors in general. Then, we will explain how to attach link anchors to CMS links.

Creating Link Anchors

You must use HTML code in order to create a link anchor on your page. Link anchors are created by adding an ID to an existing tag on the page. For example:

<h2 id="anchor">Heading Text</h2>

The tag may be a heading, like the example or it could be a paragraph (<p>) or some other tag that exists at the point you want to link to. Use the above code to set up anchors throughout your web page. When in the CMS, you will need to do this using the code view of ePhox. Once you have your anchors set up, you are ready to link to them.

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