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Impact Analysis

Impact analysis is a very powerful CMS tool that allows you to see the relationships between CMS content items and lets you locate where CMS items are. Impact analysis is commonly used to help you when you are working with Right Sidebars, but this tool can also help you in a number of other CMS situations:

  • Identifying descendants (top screen): content items that are slotted onto this particular content item or content items that are linked to within this particular content item.
  • Identifying ancestors (bottom screen): content items that this particular content item is slotted on to or content items that contain links to this particular content item.

Please watch our video tutorial to learn more about Impact Analysis and how it can help you manage your CMS website:

Press play to load and play this tutorial

Please note: This video is best viewed in full screen mode. Click the Full Screen button in the bottom right corner to access full screen mode.