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Aligning Items

You can align paragraphs, divs, tables, images and other elements using CSS classes. Alignment options include left align, center align, and right align. You may align items using the following classes in ePhox code view:


<p class="right">Right aligned paragraph.</p>

This is an example of a right aligned paragraph.


<img src="test.jpg" class="center" />

Centered Image
Centered Image

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Adding Items to the Right Sidebar (Slotting)

You can add a number of items to the right sidebar. Highlights, images, buttons, and menus are a few options. We are going to concentrate on the most-used item, a Highlight. Highlights are used on a number of CMS websites to display additional information and/or related links. Here are a few sidebar examples:

Right Sidebar with text, bullets, and links
Right Sidebar, list of links

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Formatting the Right Sidebar

This post covers the different formats available to you when slotting items into the Right Sidebar. You have the following styling options:

Note that we have a separate post discussing how to slot items into the right sidebar. There are a number of different format options when slotting a Highlight into a sidebar. We will discuss the main ones: A boxed right sidebar with and without a title, an open right sidebar (box) with and without a title, and a right sidebar spotlight.

You can slot Highlights and Images into the right sidebar. There are two right sidebar slots available for you to use: Right Sidebar Slot – Boxed( 565) and Right Sidebar Slot – No box( 539). Open your Slot Editor for a Generic and you’ll notice these two slots (with or without items slotted):

Empty right sidebar slots
Empty right sidebar slots

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Formatting Text in the Right Sidebar

You are able to format the text in your right sidebar Highlights in a number of different styles. We have some suggestions to keep styles consistent across CMS sites and usable for users. Its important that your department’s website achieves consistency whether or not you follow our guidelines.

List of Links

If you would like to display a list of links, we recommend listing the links in an unordered list, hiding the bullets. You may remove indenting and bullets by using a CSS class of “none”. Your code would be similar to this:

<ul class="none">
<li><a href="cmslink">Link 1</a></li>
<li><a href="cmslink">Link 2</a></li>
<li><a href="cmslink">Link 3</a></li>
<li><a href="cmslink">Link 4</a></li>

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