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TEM in Electron Optics

Logbook System Changes

IT has rewritten the logbook system software. There are some great new features that we will appreciate. It isn’t ready for installation – on some systems we are going to have to upgrade the thin clients (little computer boxes) to use a newer web browser. We’ll do initial testing on the FIB since it gets less use. These instruments will be upgraded

Confocal (has newer client – may not need upgrading)
STEM (has newer client – may not need upgrading)

I’ll let you now when we are testing on the FIB.

JEOL TEM status

The high voltage cable connection is arcing to ground at 100kV. The microscope is unusable like that. We are going to hire the engineer to come back and make this repair possibly as early as 2 weeks from now.

I’ll keep you posted.