Author: eafraki

For STEM users – Analysis Request forms

I have discontinued the “Intake Sample Request” form.

If you are a certified operator of the FEI Titan STEM, please fill in the “Independent Usage Request” form available through this webpage:

If you require staff operated analysis fill in the “Request Analysis” form available through ACMAL webpage


Erico Freitas

STEM users – O2 sensor in the lab

The O2 meter at the STEM lab is inoperante. We are now using a small hand size backup O2 sensor (see picture) in the STEM lab. It’s on the window stool.

If it reads 24 it means the oxygen level is normal.

Please, do not remove this oxygen sensor out from the lab, and leave it next to the window so it’s visible from outside.

If it flashes and beeps please leave the room and let me know or ACMAL staff know.

Erico Freitas

Handheld sensor with O2 display reading at 24.


The reservation calendars for the AFM and FIB will no longer be merged. We’re splitting these two calendars. It’s important to note that this is a shared space, and both instruments might be in use simultaneously. If your research is highly sensitive, please make sure to book the room on both calendars.

The new calendars will be named:

  • ACMAL-Origin AFM

Let me know if you have any questions,