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STEM in Electron Optics

ACMAL Facility Closed (Except CIF)

Due to the intermittent power outages, in addition to the planned power outages, ACMAL will be closed for the remainder of this week. The Confocal Imaging Facility (CIF), will be available unless there is another unplanned power outage during the day. 

The X-ray facility will be open beginning Friday morning. All other facilities will be opening next week. Just a reminder, the FIB and FESEM annual maintenance will be occurring next week (5/9 – 5/11).

We apologize for any inconvenience.

STEM Update

Facilities have completed the updates on the rooftop chiller. They add capacity to the system by switching to potable water to cool the condenser side of the chillers. This will temporarily resolve the problem and get us back online until a more robust solution can be implemented.  The technician from Thermo Fisher will be here this week to complete the repairs. If all goes well the TEM will be back online next week.

Stay tuned for more information.