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Specimen Prep in Electron Optics

STEM Users – TEM grids (updates)

Just letting you know I put the TEM grids back in my office (MM622).

If are in need of TEM grids let me know.

Those are the ones we currently have available:

  • Continuum C-film on copper 
  • Continuum C-film in nickel
  • Lacey C-film on copper 
  • Silicon oxide Film on copper
  • Formvar Carbon single 
  • Formvar supported lacey C-film on copper
  • Quantifoil C-film on copper
  • Graphene supported Lacey C-film on copper

Erico Freitas

SEM Sample Coating Procedure

This is to inform you about the recent updates made to the SEM sample coating procedure in order to streamline the process and enhance its efficiency.

To have your samples coated, please drop them off at the image analysis lab (M&M 631) in the designated desiccator. Samples should be labeled with your name, email address, and any special instructions. If necessary, you can find labels within the desiccator. Labeled samples should be placed in the intake section of the dessicator. Once samples have been left, please fill out the Training/Coating Questionnaire to notify ACMAL staff of your sample. 

Allow 2 days for us to coat your samples. Once completed your samples will be returned to the desiccator on the “Ready” shelf and we will send you an email.

Attn: Sputter Coater Users

The target on the sputter coater has temporarily been changed from Pr/Pd Cr. There are special directions for using the Cr target (see detailed instructions below). The major differences are an increase in pump time prior to starting the coating cycle, a change in the material density, and a change in the sputter current. If you have any issues please let me know.

Regarding thickness, remember that 1-2 nm of coating is ideal.