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SEM in Electron Optics

Logbook System Changes

IT has rewritten the logbook system software. There are some great new features that we will appreciate. It isn’t ready for installation – on some systems we are going to have to upgrade the thin clients (little computer boxes) to use a newer web browser. We’ll do initial testing on the FIB since it gets less use. These instruments will be upgraded

Confocal (has newer client – may not need upgrading)
STEM (has newer client – may not need upgrading)

I’ll let you now when we are testing on the FIB.

6400 SEM status

I repaired the memory battery so now we have all kvs aligned.

I also replaced an aperture and as a result, resolution improved markedly. I’ll be replacing 2 more apertures over the holidays. That will require that I take the SEM offline for a few days. I’ll give you plenty of notice.