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FE-SEM in Electron Optics

FESEM Sample Exchange Door

3:35 p.m. update. I adjusted a switch position and it may be okay now. If you hear a rattle noise push the MV1 lever (airlock valve) closed tightly and let me know right away.

2:42 p.m. The pneumatic lock on the FESEM that holds the Exchange Door closed is not functioning properly. The chamber vacuum will drop when the door drifts open and may cause the beam to automatically shut off. Please keep an eye on the door to make sure it remains in the closed position (EVAC Light will be a solid green and SC Vacuum Light will be green), especially while imaging.

We are contacting Hitachi to get a replacement.

—Danielle Langdon

Logbook System Changes

IT has rewritten the logbook system software. There are some great new features that we will appreciate. It isn’t ready for installation – on some systems we are going to have to upgrade the thin clients (little computer boxes) to use a newer web browser. We’ll do initial testing on the FIB since it gets less use. These instruments will be upgraded

Confocal (has newer client – may not need upgrading)
STEM (has newer client – may not need upgrading)

I’ll let you now when we are testing on the FIB.

FESEM update

I installed the new pump this morning and the system pumped down as expected. Around lunchtime it will achieve adequate vacuum level to be used. I will check it at noon and send you another message to say all clear to use it.

Unfortunately, the problem I have been working on this week, a bad vacuum pump, is not the problem that causes the vacuum panel to shut down intermittently. There is a chance that the panel will shut down again. I am still working with the manufacturer engineer to solve that problem.

Look for my message during the lunch hour today.