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ACMAL response to Covid-19 hiatus

ACMAL lab managers are working within the group, with other Shared Facility directors and the VPR office to formulate lab procedures to be used during this period. You can expect to receive those plans by weeks end. Please feel free to email me any ideas you may have relative to using a facility shared with other faculty and graduate students.

Updated March 13, 2020.

The ACMAL facility will be open during the one month hiatus.

Information for use of the facility during that time is included in this message.

Our overall message to you is please think ahead. If you know you will need help arrange that ahead of time.

Nearly no remote operation.

Most of the ACMAL equipment/software is not compatible with remote operation or remote data analysis. In nearly all cases you will need to come to the facility to work. An exception is two XRD software programs. Ed Laitila can help you access them .

Calendar system.

Use the calendar reservation system to book equipment time. XPS sessions can be scheduled by contacting Tim Leftwich Avoid bringing multiple people to the lab with you. Work independently as much as possible. Special conditions apply for campus visitors who come to the labs.


ACMAL staff will do our best to accommodate training during the hiatus period, but it may not be available right away. Again, plan ahead.

Handling ACMAL equipment.

Please wear gloves for all instrument use. ACMAL staff will be cleaning door knobs, sample holders, keyboards and mice, and knob set controls each day. You can cleanse surfaces yourself if you’d like with wipes that will be available next week.


Do not come to the labs sick. Please refer to the University information regarding self-identifying illness and self-isolation. If ACMAL staff are exposed to COVID-19 or infected, a unit in the facility may have to be closed.

Fluid situation.

It is important to note that this situation is changing daily and you should expect adjustments to current policies and procedures. I will send you updates as necessary.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Contact me if you need help. My phone number is 906-369-1875. I don’t use text very much so call me.

ACMAL spring break schedule

I will be out next week but I’ll mostly be in town. I could come in if needed. Aleister will be here working working 2 hours each day for coating samples and helping users. He plans to be here at midday.

The labs will be open all week between 8 – 5 and restricted users will work then. Unrestricted users have 24 hour access. Newly trained users, please work while Aleister is at work in case you have trouble.

Call Aleister or me if you have trouble. Aleister 520-576-3557. Owen 906-369-1875.

Thanks, Owen

Liz Miller’s schedule

Liz Miller will be out of town for 6 weeks beginning next week. Aleister and I will try to pick up the work she was doing during her absence. One area that he and I cannot assume is EBSD. We have asked someone to help us with that but the response will be slowed. So, plan your EBSD work ahead of time – don’t wait until the last minute or your work will be delayed.

Liz will return to work on April 6th.

ACMAL holiday schedule

ACMAL hours/staffing over the 2 weeks of holidays looks like this:

The university will be closed on Dec 24, 25 and Dec 31, Jan 1. The building will be locked on those days. The ACMAL labs will be open on the other days, but more like 9 – 10am and closed at 5pm.

Unrestricted users will have unlimited access to the building and labs. Restricted users have access during the other days. We ask that newly trained users make appointments during the period so someone is near in case there are troubles.

Ed Laitila and Owen Mills will be out the entire 2 week period. Pinaki Mukherjee will be in during all but the 4 holidays. Liz Miller and Aleister Kerr will be available by appointment. Tim Leftwich will be here part of the 2 weeks – its best to make appointment with him.

If there are problems contact us. Our contact information is:

Owen 906-369-1875
Ed 906-369-2041
Liz 906-370-6538
Aleister 520-576-3557
Pinaki 402-802-3154
Tim 804-691-3243

ACMAL staffing over holiday

The M&M building and ACMAL labs will be closed in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday and Friday next week, November 28 and 29, 2019. The building and ACMAL labs will be open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for restricted users (with no keys or tap access). If you are a new user please email us to arrange for supervision in case you have a problem. Unrestricted users who have building and lab tap access are free to use the equipment anytime

Aleister and Liz will be working limited hours next week. Pinaki Mukherjee will be here each day, but Ed Laitila and I will be on stay-cation all week. Since we will be in town, if you have an emergency and cannot reach Aleister and Liz, please call Owen at 906-369-1875 and Ed at 906-369-2041.

Have a safe and happy holiday!