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I have found a bug in the logbook software. For longer sessions the when you go to logout, the system tries to log you in again (rather than out). If this happens to you just finish logging in then immediately log out. Then send me an email with your session time. This is an important step.

New software is coming soon.

IMPORTANT – new logbook software TODAY

We switched over to the new logbook software this morning in the M&M labs. ATDC and Chem Sci haven’t been done yet but will before week is done.

Several important things to note.

1. your accounts won’t be associated with your ID yet. We will have to do that as we go. The moral is – don’t wait until the last minute to do this in case no one is nearby to help you. This is especially the case if you come after hours.

2. there is one database now instead of 9. If we put your name in one computer it is valid for them all. we will assign scopes to you based on your training.

3. when you login you MUST chose the correct microscope. I’m going to ask if we can have the system default to your “scope(s)”, but for now pay attention to the scope you are trying to login to.

Danielle, Liz and I are ready to help.

Logbook System Changes

IT has rewritten the logbook system software. There are some great new features that we will appreciate. It isn’t ready for installation – on some systems we are going to have to upgrade the thin clients (little computer boxes) to use a newer web browser. We’ll do initial testing on the FIB since it gets less use. These instruments will be upgraded

Confocal (has newer client – may not need upgrading)
STEM (has newer client – may not need upgrading)

I’ll let you now when we are testing on the FIB.