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All equipment status updates.

FESEM update

I installed the new pump this morning and the system pumped down as expected. Around lunchtime it will achieve adequate vacuum level to be used. I will check it at noon and send you another message to say all clear to use it.

Unfortunately, the problem I have been working on this week, a bad vacuum pump, is not the problem that causes the vacuum panel to shut down intermittently. There is a chance that the panel will shut down again. I am still working with the manufacturer engineer to solve that problem.

Look for my message during the lunch hour today.

FESEM is down

The intermittent vacuum display problem reappeared this morning. The manufacturer has given me a few tests to make. I’ll do that and report the information. Hopefully we will isolate the problem and make a repair. I will restart the system which in the past worked for a period of time. I’ll restart the system and it should be ready to operate by 1pm today.