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All equipment status updates.

FESEM is down

The intermittent vacuum display problem reappeared this morning. The manufacturer has given me a few tests to make. I’ll do that and report the information. Hopefully we will isolate the problem and make a repair. I will restart the system which in the past worked for a period of time. I’ll restart the system and it should be ready to operate by 1pm today.

Thanksgiving break staff schedule

There will be ACMAL staff in the labs through the 3 work days – Monday – Wednesday. Thursday and Friday are University holidays and the building will be locked. Only unrestricted users will be able to enter the building and labs. Close the lab doors when you leave the room.

We strongly discourage new users working without assistance nearby.

Here are specific staff schedules.

Ed Laitila will be out all week.
Owen will be out all week.
Jerry will be in Monday – Wednesday.
Pinaki will be in Monday – Wednesday.
Tim will be in Monday – Wednesday.
Danielle will be in from 9-4 Monday – Wednesday. She can help you on
Thursday and Friday if you make an appointment.

As always call if you have trouble. Contact information for all lab staff/students are located on the wall of each lab.

Have a good break!