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ESEM in Electron Optics

E-SEM: EBSD Detector Down

The EBSD detector on the ESEM has been damaged and the phosphor screen will need to be replaced. We are in contact with Oxford and hope to have the repairs completed in the next few weeks.  The ESEM is still available for SE/BSE imaging and EDS analysis.

Please remember EBSD is only to be performed by highly-skilled, trained users who have been trained by ACMAL staff to use the EBSD detector. This is a very sensitive process and the detector can easily be damaged. Users with large SEM samples also need to be careful not to hit the detectors. Repairs are costly and result in instrument downtime.

ESEM Online

The turbo pump was successfully replaced and the ESEM is back online. I’m going to open the calendar for reservations. However, I may need to cancel appointments once the technician confirms their availability.

Please note, I am noticing some noise in higher mag images. We will be having a technician come in sometime in the next couple of weeks for routine maintenance and they will be looking into this as well.