FESEM is down

The intermittent vacuum display problem reappeared this morning. The manufacturer has given me a few tests to make. I’ll do that and report the information. Hopefully we will isolate the problem and make a repair. I will restart the system which in the past worked for a period of time. I’ll restart the system and it should be ready to operate by 1pm today.

S-TEM Provides Insight to Alloy Behavior

S-TEM MappingMaterials Science doctoral candidate Deji Fadayomi, and professors Paul Sanders and Gregory Odegard, are working on these precipitation-strengthening mechanisms in aluminum-based alloys. This atomic-resolution image and elemental maps of precipitates were obtained in aberration-corrected scanning transmission electron microscope (AC-STEM) at Michigan Tech’s Applied Chemical and Morphological Analysis Laboratory (ACMAL) to better understand alloy behavior at an atomic level.

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