I have found a bug in the logbook software. For longer sessions the when you go to logout, the system tries to log you in again (rather than out). If this happens to you just finish logging in then immediately log out. Then send me an email with your session time. This is an important step.

New software is coming soon.

Microscope logbooks

We are working to install new PCs on the logbook stations. The one that could cause trouble is the FESEM. In case it isn’t working by 1pm I am going to by pass the system temporarily so you can use it without tapping in. The accelerating voltage ON software button will be active until I take the bypass off.

Titan S-TEM at 80kV

Some users require an 80kV beam voltage for biological samples. It isn’t possible to switch back and forth. Going from 80kv back to 200kV requires a period to stabilize again (overnight). Therefore, we are trying to schedule the 80kV experiments to Thursday and Friday each week.

Let me know if you don’t think this will work for you.