Spring 2020 Course in Surface and Interface Science

Lattice and micrograph representing course material.

Surface and Interface Science CH5665/MSE5665

(3 credits)
WF 1-2 p.m., M 1-3 p.m. (lab and analysis)

Learn To

  • Understand the physical and chemical processes that influence surface chemistry and growth
  • Apply surface science techniques to solve materials problems
  • Proper data analysis and interpretation
  • Design a project and solve a proposed hypothesis using surface analysis
  • Surface analysis methods: spectroscopy and microscopy techniques
  • XPS, AES, surface sensitive-FTIR, HREELS, Raman, surface structure (LEED), TPD, AFM and ambient pressure techniques
  • Applications in materials science, chemistry, physics, engineering, environmental science, catalysis, semiconductors and related tech industries

Contact Instructor Dr. Kathryn A. Perrine

FESEM back online

I do not know what happened this morning. The engineers gave me a suggestion, but it worked before I tried it. I fear that the problem may return. It appears as many diagonal lines at focus. See the attached image.

Let me know if you see anything unusual.

FE-SEM Diagonal Lines Example


Please do not electropolish on the weekend alone. Also, if you only occasionally use it please do the work during the week in case there is a problem. We want to avoid equipment breakage.

Also, the LN2 pump gets condensation in it and freezes. If it is working right the hose black hose will freeze and the temp will go down pretty quickly. Turn off the pump and come get me to help if the pump isn’t turning.