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Flashback Friday: Seasons of Change in the U.P.

“Scenic Views – Ripley,” Daily Mining Gazette, November 21, 1956. Image number: MS051-011-001-005.

Happy Flashback Friday, Copper Country! Can you believe we’re heading into the fall break and sliding into December? Okay, maybe “sliding” is a bad term after during this awkward transition from fall to true Yooper winter. There’s certainly been a lot of feelings shared around town about the rain, sleet, and snow; not to forget the slush and ice impacting our daily routines.

With that in mind we’re keeping things simple and optimistic this Flashback Friday with a lovely historic view of a freshly snow-covered Mont Ripley from 1956 and a wonderful little poem about winter and the promise of spring. Just remember, there’s always beauty, not just cold, to be found in those wintry months ahead.


Brusso, Clifton. Tales from the U.P.’s Copper Country. Laurium, MI: Iroquois Press, 1992.

We listen not to the quiet sound,

as crystal leaves drift slowly down,

and softly caress the cold, bright ground.

Life asleep in their far flung home,

others seeking as they roam,

for food and shelter, the woods they comb.

Carried aloft on air currents they fly,

spotting for prey they spy,

ever alert with a sharpened eye.

From the North comes a frigid blast,

freezing and biting are the winds that last,

caring not who…through this scheme they’ve past.

Rays of light seldom are seen,

shadowy trees interspaced with green,

silver creeks with their icy screen.

Months later, bright warmth melting the snow,

rains lashing out helping it go,

golden skies seen through a rainbow.

Children playing in muddy fields,

to Spring winds, Winter, grudgingly yields,

and new life upward slowly steals.

Winter Carnival, Then and Now

The Michigan Tech Archives will be open for special hours over Winter Carnival Weekend from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm on Saturday, February 7nd. 

Ever since Winter Carnival debuted as the Ice Carnival in 1922, Michigan Tech students have found reason to hope for piles of snow and below freezing temperatures. Though traditions other than the iconic snow statues have held fast throughout the decades; the winter Carnival Queen coronation, races, broomball tournaments, the Snow Ball, the beard contest and others have all withstood the test of time.

Scroll through some of these winter carnival memories and see for yourself how constant everyone’s favorite Winter Carnival tradition has remained.

Clicking on an image will take you to the available bibliographic information for that image.

Winter Carnival Snow Statues 

Keweenaw Digital Archives #: Book LD3328H3-261-7
Keweenaw Digital Archives #: MTU-208-2014-04

Snow Statue Construction

Keweenaw Digital Archives #: MTU004-002-69-28-01
Keweenaw Digital Archives #: MTU-118-2014-11-04-064

Queen Coronation

Keweenaw Digital Archives #: MTU004-002-69-36-22
Keweenaw Digital Archives #: MTU-118-2014-11-04-042

Team Races

Keweenaw Digital Archives #: MS050-12-21-01-F903
Keweenaw Digital Archives #: ACC 10-010-251

Individual Races 

Keweenaw Digital Archives #: Acc 35-08-31-1986-001
Keweenaw Digital Archives #: ACC 10-010-222


Keweenaw Digital Archives #: Book LD3328H3-237-6
Keweenaw Digital Archives #: MTU-118-2014-11-04-057

Stage Review

Keweenaw Digital Archives #: MTU Neg 03266
Keweenaw Digital Archives #: ACC 10-010-207