Day: October 29, 2021

How do I find which gen ed/HASS classes are being offered next semester?

This will save you time when looking for general education elective classes: 

  1. In Banweb go to “Look-Up Classes to Add” and select “Advanced Search” at the bottom of the page.  
  2. In the Subject box use the shift key to select all the subject areas.  
  3. In the Attribute Type box select what you are looking for.

Attributes are defined as follows: 

  • Critical/Creative Think’g CORE:  These are courses on the Critical & Creative Thinking core list.
  • Soc Resp/Ethical Reason CORE:  These are courses on the Social Responsibility & Ethical Reasoning core list.
  • Composition or Communication:  These are courses on the HASS Communication and Composition list.
  • Humanities & Fine Arts:  These are courses on the HASS Humanities and Fine Arts list.
  • Social & Behavioral Science:  These are courses on the HASS Social and Behavioral Sciences list.
  • HASS Restricted:  These are courses on the HASS Restricted list.
  • Co-Curricular Phys Activity: These are courses on the co-curricular activities list.

IMPORTANT!  Run your online degree audit on Banweb after enrolling to make sure classes are counting where you expect them to.  Contact your advisor if you have questions.