Day: September 15, 2022

Which Enterprise team should I join?

You should join whichever one you like best. We’ve had students join many different teams, but those listed below have been the most popular so far:

  • Consumer Product Manufacturing (CPM)
  • Alternative Energy Enterprise (AEE)
  • Green Campus
  • Multiplanetary Innovation Enterprise (MInE)
  • Aerospace

Take a look at the Enterprise teams webpages to get more information about their projects.

How do I figure out which classes to take next semester?

You need two items to figure this out:

  • Your transcript. Go to Banweb to see your unofficial transcript.  It is extremely important to look at it and know exactly what classes are on it.
  • A flowchart or sample schedule for your catalog year.  All of our advising handouts are available on the Degree Requirements page, sorted by catalog year.

Start by crossing off the classes that you have completed and are currently enrolled in. Run your online degree audit on Banweb to see if it matches. If you see anything that doesn’t match then see your academic advisor to find out why.

Choose classes that are next on the flowchart/sample schedule. It’s usually useful to plan for several semesters out. Review your plan with your academic advisor. It really helps to have a second set of eyes look at your plan.