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I have transfer credit for the wrong Physics!

John Jaszczak <> Tue, Apr 10, 2012 at 9:57 AM

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Dear Advisors,

For many years the physics department has worked with students who for various reasons (transfer credit, AP credit, etc) might have credit for College Physics (PH1110 and PH1210 and the labs), but need credit for calculus-based University Physics (PH2100 PH2200).  In order to better serve more students and assist their advisors, we have developed proficiency exams for PH2100 and PH2200, along with a policy statement and a request form.

If you advise students who need PH2100 and/or PH2200 and who might already have credit for the “wrong” physics, please see the attached documents.  Through our new system, students will no longer need to wait till finals week to be able to take a proficiency exam, which we hope will make planning easier for them and for the advisors.  Please contact me if you have any questions.

John Jaszczak
Physics Undergraduate Studies Committee

PH2100-2200_credit request form 2012.pdf

PH2100-PH2200 Department Placement Policy.pdf

Is there a standard course plan for a transfer student?

It is possible to transfer to Michigan Tech Chemical Engineering from a community college or from another university.  A standard path for this would be to take two years of college work at that other institution followed by a summer at Michigan Tech and then the usual junior and senior years of chemical engineering at Michigan Tech.  The two summer classes that must be taken are:

  • CM2110 Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering I
  • CM2120 Fundamentals of Chemical Engieering II

These two classes are prerequisites to junior classes in chemical engineering and they must be completed before you may begin your junior year in chemical engineering.  It is not possible to take these two classes at the same time as junior classes.  For this reason, students who wish to graduate with two years of transfer credit must plan on either three years at Michigan Tech or they must take these two courses the summer before they start Michigan Tech junior classes in chemical engineering.

The standard transfer plan, as discussed above, is available on our handouts page.

I am a new transfer student. Do I need to meet with an advisor?

Yes!  We strongly encourage all incoming transfer students to meet with an advisor. We use this time to review transfer credit and to develop an expected graduation date based on remaining degree requirements, scheduling and prerequisite constraints, and your individual goals.

Walk-in office hours for new transfer students are scheduled during the fall transfer student orientation, which is held the Friday before fall classes start.  The transfer student orientation is highly recommended.  If you are not able to attend during this time or are transferring in during the spring or summer semesters, email to schedule an in-person or phone appointment with an advisor.