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If I get a CD or D in my math class, do I have to retake it?

We recommend retaking any math classes in which you’ve earned less than a C because these are important for your junior and senior engineering classes. However, you are not required to take it again because it meets our minimum prerequisite requirement.  

Be aware that you will start utilizing what you’ve learned in your math, chemistry, and physics classes in your ChE classes and applying it to solve various engineering problems.  In particular, the application of math to solve engineering problems intensifies in the junior year classes. Students usually struggle with this, even if they have previously done well in their math classes because it’s using math in an entirely different context.  It looks different, the terminology is sometimes different, and you’re being asked to recall concepts that you learned a year (or longer!) ago.  

In general it is probably worth your time to brush up on calculus, linear algebra, and differential equations prior to starting the junior year ChE classes.  Retaking classes you did poorly in, reviewing course topics and note from your math classes (even ones you did well in), and/or utilizing online resources, like Khan Academy, are all a good idea.

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What happens if I retake a class?

Important Information on Retaking Classes

You may retake any class in which you receive a CD, D, or F.

The second grade always replaces the first grade.  If you retake a class and receive a better grade, this will improve both your semester and overall GPAs.  However, you can retake a class and get a worse grade.   For example, if you have a D (a passing grade) and retake a course and receive an F (a failing grade), you now have a failing grade in the course and will have to take the class for a third time.

You may only take a class three times.  You must receive permission from the Dean of Students Office and your academic advisor to register for a class the third time.  If the class that you are retaking is a required class for your program, and you do not pass the class during the third attempt, then you may no longer continue in the program.  Below is the link to Michigan Tech’s policy on retaking classes. www.mtu.edu/registrar/students/registration/policies/repeat-course/

Retaking classes you have previously passed may also impact your financial aid.  Contact the Student Financial Services Center (www.mtu.edu/finaid/) for an evaluation of your situation.