What is a technical elective in chemical engineering?

Technical electives allow chemical engineering majors to tailor their degree.  These classes, which include upper division engineering, science, and applied business subjects, cover a wide range of topics and give students a chance to follow their individual interests.  In addition, students can often earn a minor by double counting some of the minor requirements with the technical electives.

To earn a BS in chemical engineering, you must take 10 credits of approved technical electives.  Technical electives are any course listed as approved chemical engineering, engineering, or technical electives.  Within these 10 credits, you must take:

1.     Four credits of chemical-engineering-designated elective, and

2.    No more than four credits (and as few as zero credits) may be chosen from the Math, Science, and Applied Business (MSAB) list.

Note that many of the technical elective courses are not offered every semester and most have prerequisites.  It is best to plan out your technical electives ahead of time.  The rules in the Department of Chemical Engineering for technical electives are posted on the web on the undergraduate advising page.  The rules are updated from time to time and students are advised to choose the list that corresponds to their catalog year (usually the year they entered Michigan Tech).

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