UDL Workshops: EquatIO- Making Math Digital and More Accessible

Learn how EquatIO provides tools to create digital math expressions that are more accessible to all learners. Math expressions used is STEM courses are commonly presented as images in documents or web pages.  These can be difficult to interpret for students with learning disabilities like dyslexia or dyscalculia, and those who use assistive technology.  We’ll review the features of the EquatIO toolbar including the AI prediction supported equation editor, the LaTeX editor and conversion options, the handwriting and speech input tools, the Desmos graphing calculator, the EquatIO mobile input option, and the amazing and powerful screenshot reader. See how EquatIO provides learners options for how they interact with math expressions, allowing them to create, edit and listen to math in new ways to support their learning.

This workshop will be held:
Tuesday October 1, 2019. 10AM – 11AM in Library 242. Please use this link to register for that date.
Monday October 7, 2019. 3:30PM -4:30PM in Library 242. Please use this link to register for that date.

UDL Workshops: Ally- Helping Make Course Content More Accessible

See how Ally indicators provide a visual status of your course files and how to access and implement Ally guidance to improve access.  Learn about common accessibility issues like scanned and untagged PDF’s, missing headings, and alternative descriptions and how to fix these issues in your course materials.  See how Ally’s course accessibility report provides an overview of course accessibility issues and helps you prioritize planned improvements. This workshop is a great chance to get answers to your most pressing course accessibility questions. This workshop will be held in Library 242.

October dates for this workshop are:
Thursday October 3, 2019. 2PM – 3PM in Library 242. Please use this link to register for that date.
Wednesday October 9, 2019. 3:30PM – 4:30PM in Library 242. Please use this link to register for that date.

CTL Coffee Chat: Quality Online Learning at Michigan Tech

Online education offerings are increasingly scrutinized for quality; often more so than typical on-campus courses. While some requirements are external, on a basic level, meeting these expectations is also in the best interest of students enrolled in our online offerings. These requirements
also provide the best opportunity to ensure that we, as a university, present our expertise in the best possible light, and demonstrate our commitment to high quality education regardless of delivery method. Please join us to discuss how Michigan Tech is working to ensure the quality of online education and bring any questions that you have regarding online teaching, new qualifications, and the online course review process. Please use this link to register by September 27, 2019.