Month: May 2015

Why Open-Book Tests Deserve a Place in your Courses

This  article from the Faculty Focus e-newsletter explores the intersection of computer-based testing and an open-book, open-note approach to focus on higher level Bloom’s taxonomy assessment.  It’s definitely worth a read!


Why Open Book Tests Deserve a Place in Your Courses


Faculty Focus – Higher Ed Teaching Strategies from Magna Publications
By: Matt Farrell and Shannon Maheu

Brandon Martinez

Brandon MartinezBrandon Martinez is 4th year double Major studying Scientific and Technical Communication and Business Marketing. This is his third year as an IGSC3 Coach. He has a Minor in International Spanish and is a fluent Spanish speaker. His other Minors include Global Business, and Journalism. Also a Media and a Spanish consultant in the Humanities Digital Media Zone, he spends most of his time in Walker. On the weekends you can usually find him playing tennis or out on an adventure.