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September’s Video Luncheon & Assessment Coffee Chat

Lunch and Learn – The Versatility of Video: The explosion of hand held mobile devices with cameras provides powerful opportunities for both instructors and students to communicate using videos.  In this session, we’ll compose a video discussion and look at several ways videos can be effectively used as part of a course. The only pre-work for this session is that participants should arrive prepared to summarize in 60 seconds or less ONE (high or low tech!) teaching technique that they’ve found works well for them. Luncheon Workshop is Monday, September 16 from noon-1 pm. Click here to register

Coffee Chat – Assessment at Tech: Assessment is a process that supports the continuous improvement of curricular and other university systems intended to help students achieve University Student Learning Goals.  It is an increasingly important part of our responsibility as teachers.  This chat is an opportunity for instructors to ask questions about Michigan Tech’s intentional approach to assessment, discuss progress, explore challenges and learn about resources to support student learning. The Coffee Chat is on Tuesday, September 24 from 3:30-4:30pm. Click here to register
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