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2009 Graduate Student Award

perger-zou Chao Zou is in the fourth year of his PhD study, and he has accomplished outstandingly as a PhD candidate from many perspectives. Chao has proven himself to be a worthy recipient of the Matt Wolfe Award for Excellence in Graduate Research through his leadership in the department and his exceptional accomplishments, including the following:

1) Three journal articles, one conference paper, and one book chapter, plus two IEEE Transactions articles submissions. Chao Zou has published three articles in top journals, including Elsevier Journal of Computer Networks and Elsevier Journal of Computer Communications. Two more journal papers based on his PhD dissertation research have been recently submitted to IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, and IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology; Chao is the leading author of one conference paper published in the IEEE Communications Society’s flagship conferences, IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC); he is also the leading author of one book chapter for one of the first books on Cognitive Radio Networks. Chao Zou Research Webpage

2) With his substantial publication record, even as a PhD candidate, Chao has already been frequently invited to review journal articles and conference papers for prestigious journals and conferences in the last two years.

3) Chao has developed a ns-2 based software simulator for cognitive radio networks. This simulator will be released to the international network research community shortly. And we expect it will promote the reputation of Michigan Tech largely, as this will be the first ns-2 based simulator of its kind.

4) One of our NSF proposals that is based mainly on Chao’s research work has been ranked as “competitive” recently.
Chao distinguishes himself as an outstanding PhD student researcher, not only by the quality and productivity of his research, but also by his “seeking-the-truth” research spirit. He often initiates constructive discussions among labmates, and he has become a role model for other PhD students in our lab.

Many of Chao’s labmates have mentioned that he has been an inspirational influence on them, since he sets the goals high and then reaches those goals with his hardworking and truth-seeking attitude