Day: December 12, 2012

International Students Pump Up Local Economy

With a global economy that is increasingly interconnected, it is no surprise that corporations and events around the world can have a strong influence on Houghton. What may be a surprise is that, according to a recent report from NAFSA, the Association of International Educators, international students pump tens of millions of dollars into the local economy every year.


Enterprise Students Help 3M Build a Better Taillight

Most of us take pride in being able to see the fruits of our labor, basking in a job well done. Brett Spigarelli can bask in the red glow of a taillight going into production for the 2013 model year of several cars. A PhD candidate in chemical engineering at Michigan Technological University, he serves as an advisor to the Consumer Product Manufacturing (CPM) Enterprise, and previously, as a student, he worked on a project with 3M to test how one of their new materials handled the process of thermoforming, leading to the redesigned taillight on several 2013 model-year cars.