Month: December 2010

New Funding – Storer

Professor Andrew Storer received $107,364 from the US Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, for a two-year project, “Emerald Ash Borer Planning and Prevention in Upper Peninsula.”

Storer also received $25,000 from the US Fish and Wildlife Service for a project, “Factors Influencing Invasive Earthworm and Plant Species Presence and Abundance in Great Lakes Biological Network Forests.”

Back in the UP: Back Then and Now

I spent the first few days of deer season in the UP with Keith Montambo, (Forestry Class of 1955). We were DHH room-mates and first hunted together in the fall of 1951. Keith flew to New Jersey and we got together at my Camp in Pennsylvania in October for the early deer season. Then I flew into Iron Mountain for the Mich. hunt at his Camp.

Forestry graduates John N. Kressbach (1956) Keith R. Montambo (1955)

While in Michigan, Keith showed me the attached photo of his Dad, Ray J. Montambo displaying his “Fast and Fancy” handgun expertise for what appears to be a Forestry Class. We have no idea where the photo was taken or the time frame. We can identify Bert, Gene, Hammer and Sloan, but that’s about it.

We enjoy your newsletter, keep up the good work.

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Best regards,
John N. Kressbach
(Forestry, 1956)
Keith R. Montambo
(Forestry, 1955)

Cherri Huelsberg Farren 2001

A quick note from Cherri Huelsberg Farren 2001.

Currently life is good, I recently got married to Simon James Farren on August 27, 2010 in Colchester UK and some pictures can be viewed at this link,  if anyone is interested. My immediate family and friends attended our wedding in the UK, where we sailed the Mersea shores in a classic barge.

I am teaching science full time at Tendring Technology College in Frinton-on-Sea UK. It is a great position and allows me lots of practical investigation work. I currently am working on integrating Ecology and Environmental Science programs into the College and working cooperatively with Cambridge University on STEM programs in the college. I completed my master’s degree in Secondary Education Science from WSU the spring of 2009.