Ernie Beutler: My Experience with Lean

This week’s blog post is from one of the Lean Facilitators on Campus; Ernie Beutler.

“I just wanted to share some experiences I have encountered since beginning my lean journey.

I have been learning and implementing lean principles here at Michigan Tech since 2008. During this time I have played many different roles including: a team member, outside eyes, team leader, Facilitator, and an overall lean practitioner.
It has been so rewarding to see the lean culture grow and develop around campus since then. I have witnessed and been part of numerous time, space, and money saving practices that have been implemented in and around our campus.
In my most recent involvement, I was a team member on a 5-S kaizen of a major shared computer drive.
Once completed the team was able to create standards for the drive.
The team reduced wasted space by purging files. This has saves time because everything is neat, organized, and easy to find.
We reduced our drive from:
5.03 gb  12311 files  1574 folders 130 root folders to
3.56 gb    6314 files    787 folders   21 root folders!
I have also practiced and preached lean principles at home, travel, and overall in my daily personal life.”

One response to “Ernie Beutler: My Experience with Lean

  1. Great Article Mr. Beutler

    I have been involve with lean initiatives since the 70’s. While each of the many programs rolled out had a different name they were generally the same. One trend I’ve seen over and over again … Consultants arrive have 5s and kaizen blitzs claim victory leave a blueprint for the future and depart. Then guess what always happens or should say never happens the follow through. So as you teach please let students know kaizen is only the first step.

    – David

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