Leaders in Continuous Improvement: Gemba Walks

About a year ago, Leaders in Continuous Improvement (LCI) had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Parker-Hannifin facility in Manitowoc county, and five of our members got to experience their implementation of Lean and continuous improvement. This year, LCI has had a great year and our membership has grown tremendously, and on April 15th we will be going back to the Parker-Hannifin facility with 10 enthusiastic members. Our members have learned about Lean through our hands on gemba walks with the Muffler Shop, Pettibone and Systems Control. Members have also helped advance the interest in Lean and continuous improvement on the Michigan Tech campus. Going over topics such as 5S, root cause analysis, visual management, kanbans, waste, and process mapping at the Parker-Hannifin facility increased our members’ knowledge, allowing them to then share with other students on campus.

We would like to thank Parker-Hannifin again for hosting us and we look forward to deepening our relationship over the years to come.

One Comment on "Leaders in Continuous Improvement: Gemba Walks"

  • Theresa Coleman-Kaiser
    April 12, 2016 at 9:05 AM

    I have always found Gemba walks a valuable, informative, and inspirational exercise. I wish there were time and opportunity to do even more of them.

    With LCI’s foundational knowledge of Lean practice, this Gemba walk will certainly add an operational layer to each person’s individual knowledge base. By the way, I am totally impressed with LCI’s growth during this last year. Fantastic!