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Candidate for PHFoundation Endowed Professorship in Preventive and Community Health

Please join us for a presentation by:

Dr. Kristen Knutson,
Department of Medicine, Section of Pulmonary/Critical Care
University of Chicago











Candidate for a Portage Health Foundation
Endowed Professorship in Preventive and Community Health

Association Between Sleep and Cardiometabolic Disease Risk

Obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease have all been linked to characteristics of sleep, including duration, quality and timing. The goal of this presentation will be to review the associations between sleep and risk of cardiometabolic diseases.  Furthermore, socioeconomic and racial/ethnic disparities in cardiometabolic disease are well-known.  This presentation will also discuss whether sleep may mediate these health disparities. Understanding novel risk factors for cardiometabolic diseases could help lead to the development of innovative intervention strategies to reduce chronic disease risk and improve community health.

Monday, March 21, 2016
3:00-4:00 pm
Kanwal and Ann Rekhi Hall – Room G009

Refreshments will be served.


A Peak inside EH4510 – Strength & Conditioning

Every year, Strength and Conditioning Coach and KIP Instructor Matt Thome, invites guest lecturer Dr. Bill Harrison or Ryan Harrison from the company, Slow the Game Down, to speak in his Strength and Conditioning (EH4510) class.   Dr. Harrison’s lecture focuses on how the eye can be used as a tool to train the brain in specific ways.

Following this guest lecture, students participate in a practical class session.  The practical session allows students the opportunity to try some of the “brain training” drills used to enhance an athlete’s focus, visual acuity,and decision making skills.  This is always a fun class session, especially when students time the drills and compete against each other.

*This class will be offered again for Fall 2016.  For more information about the class click here EH4510 or contact our KIP department with questions.

S&C2  S&C3S&C1S&C4


GSG Graduate Research Colloquium


Several graduate students working in KIP laboratories presented their research at the GSG Graduate Research Colloquium last week.  Great job to all that presented and congratulations to the students that received awards.

Graduate Student Presenters
Robert Larson – PhD student (Chen Lab)
Matthew Kilgas – PhD student (Elmer Lab)
Lydia Lytle and Jennifer Dannenbring – DPT students (Elmer Lab)
Michael Huber – MS student (Shan Lab)
Travis Wakeham – MS student (Durocher Lab) and collaborating with KIP faculty
Ida Fonkoue – PhD student (Carter Lab) did not present but was instrumental in helping organize the event for GSG

Graduate Student Awards

  • Matthew Kilgas and Travis Wakeham both received the Highest Attended Presentation Award.
  • Lydia Lytle and Jennifer Dannenbring earned 2nd place for their poster presentation.
  • Lydia Lytle also received a Graduate Student Service Award for her dedication and contributions in GSG.
  • Travis Wakeham won 1st place for his oral presentation. He also received an Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award.

Lytle & Dannenbring.GSG-201601

Body Positivity Week

Body Positivity Presentation

Erin Brown is a writer, activist, advocate and big voice for women living autonomous lives while feeling good in the skin they’re in. She will be speaking to Michigan Tech and the larger community about body autonomy, self image, sexual assault and eating disorders.

Her presentation is part of Body Positivity Week which takes place today through February 26. Erin’s lecture will take place at 6 p.m. Thursday, February 25 in Fisher 135.

This talk is geared toward the college audience and will be appropriate for youth with parental accompaniment. We welcome the community, particularly parents, to attend this talk if they’re interested.

Erin is an entrepreneur who owns and operates a business and website. She also serves on the Advisory Board for Girls Gone Strong, an online women’s fitness business.

For questions, contact Whitney Boroski.

Body Positivity poster FINAL

KIP Seminar Series

KIP Seminar Series_Spring 2016_Final

The KIP Fall Seminar Series wrapped up in December with Dr. Syd Johnson, Assistant Professor in the Department of Humanities, presenting on the ethical and legal implications surrounding concussions and CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy). Dr. Johnson’s presentation was featured on the front page of the December 7th edition of the Daily Mining Gazette.  Gazette Article-Head trauma 

We kicked off the spring series with Medical Careers Week in January.  Our second spring seminar will be held next week Friday, Feb. 12th in the ATDC (101) at 3:00 pm.  Dr. Myounghoon Jean, Assistant Professor in the Department of Cognitive & Learning Sciences and Computer Science, will present on his research related to human-computer interaction and human-robot interaction.

These monthly research seminars are a great way for students and faculty to broaden their knowledge beyond their specific area of research/interest.

KIP Seminar Series_Spring 2016_Final

2nd Annual Medical Careers Week Wraps Up

Michigan Tech held the second annual Medical Careers Week

By Brittany Denny |

Published 01/22 2016 06:14PM
Updated 01/22 2016 06:14PM

This week, Michigan Tech held their second Annual Medical Careers Week, it was open to the public and gave information about a variety of careers in the Medical Health field.
Steve Elmer, an assistant professor at Michigan Tech said, “I think at Michigan Tech we’re historically known for mining and engineering and we’re really emerging as regional and eventually soon, a national program in human health.”
Travis Wakeham, a graduate student studying physiology said, “I think it’s great.  At Michigan Tech, there’s a lot of engineering students, but there’s a lot of other students interested in health sometimes.  We don’t always have those opportunities so, it’s nice to get some exposure.”
A different topic of health was covered each day with Friday geared towards Allied Health.
Kelsey Saladin, an undergraduate student studying Kinesiology said, “Today, it’s really related to what I’m going into which is physical therapy. So, you get a lot of information on what different fields and occupations you can go into.”
“Primarily we’ve had undergraduate students currently enrolled at programs here at Michigan Tech. We also have some of our graduate students here and students from really the four surrounding counties, high school students that are considering Michigan Tech or considering even other programs as well,” said Elmer.
Organizers say they are already making plans and ideas for the event next year.

Fall 2015 KIP Graduates

 Congratulations to all of our graduates from Fall 2015!  In addition to the students that earned a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and Sports and Fitness Management we also graduated our first two students to earn a Master of Science in Kinesiology, Austin Armga and Tyler Shelast.

KIP students now have the opportunity to earn a BS in exercise science or sports and fitness management along with a MS in kinesiology in five years by participating in our accelerated master’s program.  Learn more the Kinesology Accelerated Master’s (BS-MS).

Best of wishes to all our graduates in their next journey!

201508 Group

1st Accelerated MS Grad-Armga









Medical Careers Week, Jan. 19-22

medical-career-weekMedical Careers Week, Jan. 19-22
by Career Services

Michigan Tech’s Career Fest presents four days of events designed to highlight careers in the medical field. Open to all students, faculty and the community, Medical Careers Week will be held Jan. 19 to 22. Events will take place in the MUB Ballroom. Here are some highlights of the week’s activities.

  • Jan. 19 — Medical Informatics Day: Learn more about one of the fastest growing parts of the medical field. Medical Informatics applies to a variety of majors including IT, Computer Science, Computer Network System Administration, Health Sciences and Engineering. Lunch-N-Learn Keynote speaker: James Ryan, DO.
  • Jan. 20 — Medical Device Day: Meet representatives from biomedical companies to see how your major can make a difference. Lunch-N-Learn keynote speaker: Jim Belmonte, Cardiovascular Systems Inc. (St. Paul)
  • Jan. 21 — Medical Careers/Medical Laboratory Science Day: Learn how to attend medical school through the entire application process. Hear first hand from medical students, physicians assistants and laboratory specialists on how to shape your career path in the medical field. Lunch-N-Learn keynote speaker: William Short, MD and medical students from Michigan State University College of Human Medicine.
  • Jan. 22 — Allied Health Day: Allied Health comprises nearly 60 percent of the healthcare workforce. Lunch-N-Learn keynote speaker: Petio Kotov, MD, Pathology – UP Health System.

For a complete schedule of all activities and events visit the Career Services website.

Medical Careers Week_2016_Michigan Tech

Research in KIP, Steve Elmer

Steve Elmer’s team was featured in both local media and in a Michigan Tech News release for their continued research with wheelchair users.  Steve has a unique group of students involved in this research; they include undergraduate students from the Velovations Enterprise and students from Central Michigan University’s physical therapy doctorate program at Michigan Tech.  The article and news video below highlight’s the research progress featuring one of the many research subjects, Sam Schroth.

Research With Heart: Making Wheelchair Exercise Equipment More Accessible and Adjustable, by Allison Mills


Upper Michigans Source video, RENEW-U exercise machine develeoped at Mighigan Tech, by Aaron Boehm