Day: April 4, 2014

Shaw Interview on Cloud Chamber Forecasting

Michigan Tech posted a video in Facebook with a statement by Dr. Raymond Shaw on the recent storm and cloud chamber forecasting.

Watch the video at the Michigan Technological University Facebook page.

Cloud Chamber Forecasting

Cloud Chamber Forecasting

Cloud Chamber Forecasting

Getting their heads in the clouds
Tech purchases large cloud chamber

Scientists and researchers at Michigan Technological University and beyond will be going to the cloud to find answers – the cloud chamber that is.

“Basically this is a chamber that allows us to simulate the atmosphere all the way up to altitudes that airplanes fly at, so 10 to 15 kilometers above the Earth’s surface, where it’s very, very cold and very low pressure,” said Raymond Shaw, physics professor and director of the atmospheric sciences Ph.D. program at Michigan Tech.

The scientists at Michigan Tech are currently testing the machine before starting their research projects. Shaw expects that within a few months the machine will be fully functional and available to professors, students and visiting scholars.

Read more at the Mining Gazette, by Meagan Stilp.