Day: May 5, 2016


Graduation 2016 copy
Spring 2016 Graduation. Back Row: Professors Hugh Gorman-Department Chair, Carol MacLennan, Audrey Mayer, and Tim Scarlett. Front row: Graduates Valoree Gagnon, Adrian Blake, Ashma Vaidya, and Fred Sutherland.

The Department of Social Sciences would like to congratulate the 2015-2016 graduates from our Environmental and Energy Policy (EEP), Industrial Archaeology (IA), and Industrial Heritage and Archaeology (IHA) graduate programs.

  • Steve Sarich, MS- IA
  • Dan Schneider, MS- IA
  • Jennifer Riehl, MS- EEP
  • Melanie Yang, MS EEP
  • Rob Anthony, MS- IA
  • Eric Pomber, MS- IA
  • Adrian Blake, MS- IA
  • Brian Delrue, MS- EEP
  • Chris Henderson, MS- EEP
  • Valoree Gagnon, PhD- EEP
  • Mizanur Rahman, PhD- EEP
  • Fred Sutherland, PhD- IHA