Day: April 28, 2017

Congratulations to SS Faculty–Research Excellence Fund (REF) Awards Announced

The Vice President for Research Office announced the 2017 REF awards and thanked the volunteer review committees, as well as the deans and department chairs, for their time spent on this important internal research award process.

Infrastructure Enhancement (IE) Grants
Dan Seguin (MSE/IMP)
Raymond Shaw (Bio Sci/EPSSI)
Kent Cyr (VPA)
Amy Marcarelli (SS/GLRC)

Portage Health Foundation (PHF) Infrastructure Enhancement (IE) Grants
Steve Elmer (KIP/LSTI)

Scholarship and Creativity Grants (SCG)
Emanuel Oliveira (SBE)
Josh Loar (VPA)
Joel Neves (VPA)
Richelle Winkler (SS/GLRC)
Sarah Scarlet (SS)
Sarah Bell (HU)
Carlos Amador (HU)
Mark Rouleau (SS)

Research Seed (RS) Grants
Daisuke Minakata (CEE)
Radwin Askari (GME/EPSSI)
Erika Hersch-Green (Bio Sci/ESC)
Kelly Steelman (CLS)
Don Lafreniere (SS/GLRC)
Kathryn Perrine (Chem)
Curtis Edson (SFRES)

Portage Health Foundation (PHF) Research Seed (RS) Grants
Momoko Tajiri (Chem)
Xiaohu Xia (Chem)
Kevin Trewartha (CLS)
Kelly Kamm (KIP)

Portage Health Foundation (PHF) Mid-Career (MC)
CK Choi (MEEM)
Megan Frost (Bio Med)
Jeremy Goldman (Bio Med)
Langrong Bi (Chem)