H2 Bar Separator, H2 Graybar, and H2 Top Title Snippets

These snippets will create formatted H2-size headings. Bar Separator make the text large with a gold bar beneath it and must be inserted in the left column of a 1/3 2/3 Boxed Section snippet. Graybar includes a gray bar around the heading that goes across the entire content area. Top Title includes a line beneath the titles that goes across the entire content area.

Example of a Gold Bar Separator heading.



View headings in the Style Guide.

  1. For the H2 Bar Separator only, insert the Boxed Sections snippet and set it to 1/3 left 2/3 right option.
  2. Insert the desired heading snippet. For the H2 Bar Separator, insert the snippet in the 1/3 section of the Boxed Sections snippet.
  3. Select the default text of “Title” and change it.

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