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The Menominee Crack

Menominee County Shakeup was an Earthquake, says Tech Researcher
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Sumatra, Magnitude 9, Earthquake of December 26, 2004 Detected Here

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On Monday morning, 04 October 2010, a large noise and shaking were observed in a small area north of the town of Menominee, in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The following day, a local resident returned to the site of a fallen tree that was being removed for firewood, and observed a large crack in the ground. This feature was reported to local officials, who contacted Michigan Tech, and the news media.

On Sunday, 09 October, Dr Wayne Pennington, Chair of the Department of Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences of Michigan Technological University, visited the site (figure 1 and figure 2). The following is a report of observations and tentative conclusions.

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New Doctoral Program in Geophysics

Michigan Tech now offers both Master of Science and PhD degrees in Geophysics. The new PhD program was approved by the Michigan Technological University Board of Control in July 2010.

The Department of Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences prepares graduate students for careers in the earth sciences, geological engineering, and geophysics.

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Wayne Pennington Named Jefferson Science Fellow at the US Department of State.

From an article in the College of Engineering Magazine
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Wayne Pennington, chair of the Department of Geological & Mining Engineering and Sciences, has been named a Jefferson Science Fellow by the US Department of State. The Jefferson Science Fellowship was established to create opportunities for substantial engagement of tenured scientists and engineers from US academic institutions.

Pennington will serve a one-year assignment working full-time as a Senior Engineering Advisor with a group at USAID, the Agency for International Development. He will help improve methods of infrastructure development for increased capacity building, particularly in post-disaster and post-conflict settings in Pakistan and Afghanistan. His focus will be primarily on improved energy development and distribution, and on earthquake hazard mitigation.

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