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Seaman Museum Fellowship Awarded to Elisabet Head

Elisabet Head, PhD candidate in geology, has received the Seaman Museum Fellowship for her work on fluid inclusions in olivines erupted by Nyamuragira volcano. She is advised by Assistant Professor Simon Carn and the fluid-inclusion aspects were conducted in collaboration with Professor Paul Wallace at the University of Oregon.

Postmark to Honor Douglass Houghton, Michigan Geologist

Daily Mining Gazette Article
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US Postal Service Honored Douglass Houghton Bicentennial with a Pictorial Cancellation was held Saturday, November 7, 2009 in Houghton, Michigan

The United States Postal Service had a bicentennial pictorial cancellation to honor Douglass Houghton at Douglass Houghton Hall on Michigan Tech’s Campus.

Limited quantities of a special bicentennial post card were available at cost (50 cents) displaying Robert Thom’s painting of Houghton at Eagle River, Michigan in 1840, in full color, at the November 7th event.

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Gierke Serves as Interim Chair

Dr. John Gierke was named Michigan Distinguished Professor of the Year in 2007
Presidents Council of the State Universities Article

The College of Engineering has announced that Professor John Gierke has accepted a one-year appointment as interim chair of the Department of Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences.

Gierke takes on the duty while Chair Wayne Pennington serves as a Jefferson Science Fellow with the US Department of State.

Gierke received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in civil engineering and his doctorate in environmental engineering from Michigan Tech.

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