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In Print: International, Interdisciplinary, and Transdisciplinary Research

Students, faculty and community members in Erongarícuaro, Mexico
Students, faculty and community members in Erongarícuaro, Mexico

Erin Pischke and Kathy Halvorsen are co-authors of a newly-published article “Barriers and Solutions to Conducting Large International, Interdisciplinary Research Projects” in Environmental Management.

Pischke also had a blog post published AESS Voices about the challenges of conducting transdisciplinary research titled “Practicing What We Preach:  Reflections on the Pros and Cons of Transdisciplinary Research in Erongaricuaro, Mexico”

Langston Publishes New Book on Climate Change & Toxics in the Lake Superior Basin

slscover_3_origNancy Langston published a new book titled “Sustaining Lake Superior” (Yale University Press, Fall 2017).


Winkler Recipient of Excellence in Instruction Award

Richelle Winkler and Chelsea Schelly
Richelle Winkler and Chelsea Schelly at Rural Sociological Society Annual Meeting

Richelle Winkler was awarded the 2017 Excellence in Instruction Award from the Rural Sociological Society at their annual meeting on July 27, 2017 in Columbus, Ohio.

The purpose of the Excellence in Instruction Award is to recognize outstanding rural-oriented teaching by RSS members at the graduate and/or undergraduate level.  Note:  Innovation in teaching and learning is emphasized. Innovation may relate to a particular course, thematic area, population of students or pedagogical approach or technique. Evidence of impact should be provided.

Congratulations Richelle!