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How to Create an H2 Graybar

A graybar style can be applied to an H2 heading by using the following code in ePhox code view:

<h2 class="graybar">Graybar Heading</h2>

A short graybar will be shown if you are using an H2 heading in the left column or right column of your Generic page. A long graybar will be shown if you are using a heading in the body of a Generic web page. Examples of both follow. “Policies and Procedures” is the first H2 graybar heading. “Resources and Information” is the second H2 graybar heading.

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Text Styles and Formats


An appropriate use of headings can make your website look good, help your users find the information they are looking for, and aid your site with search engine optimization. When you create a Generic content item, the Display Title that you enter will become the <h1> heading of that particular page. Its important to know that no other <h1> headings should be used.

Heading Ordering

Once you start entering and laying out the content of your Generic content item, you may utilize headings <h2> through <h6>. It is important to use headings in order. The first header that you use should be an <h2> followed by an <h3>, an <h4>, and so forth. You can use an <h2> and then an <h3> followed by an <h2> again. You should not use an <h2> then an <h4> then an <h3>. This is considered poor HTML practice. Headings should progress smaller or larger in ordered increments.

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