Category: Status

All equipment status updates.

XPS Repair Update

The XPS repair is coming along well. There was a problem in one of the electronic control boards which has been found and fixed. Now, we are just waiting for the boards to be shipped back. Once the boards have been reinstalled it was confirmed that the problem is fixed, an update will be sent out to the eof-l.

Please contact Dr. Tim Leftwich, if you have any questions or would like to use the XPS once it’s available.

ACMAL Cleanliness Policy and COVID-19 SOP

Please review ACMAL’s policy on cleanliness and our COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). Below is a brief summary of the key points as well as links to the complete policy and SOP.

ACMAL Cleanliness Policy

  • Lab Configuration
    • Do NOT change the computer settings.
      • It is crucial for other users to find the instruments with the default settings.
    • Before exiting the lab after use, return any tools to their default location, and dispose of waste materials.
  • Personal Items
    • Remember to save your data on a personal storage device.
    • This is a shared facility, ACMAL is not responsible for, nor can it guarantee, the safekeeping of your personal items, specimens, or data.
  • Food and Drink
    • Do not bring food or drink in the microscopy labs.

ACMAL COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedure

  • Maximum of 2 people in the lab at a time.
  • You must bring a mask to the lab with you each time you come to work.
  • Be timely.
    • To minimize the chance of being unable to maintain social distances do NOT come early for your session to give the previous user time to vacate the lab.
    • Finish on time for your session. If you need additional time on the microscope, please update your calendar reservation.

If you have any questions please email me.

ESEM Online

The turbo pump was successfully replaced and the ESEM is back online. I’m going to open the calendar for reservations. However, I may need to cancel appointments once the technician confirms their availability.

Please note, I am noticing some noise in higher mag images. We will be having a technician come in sometime in the next couple of weeks for routine maintenance and they will be looking into this as well.