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All equipment status updates.

Apreo 2 Update

I’m pleased to update you on the progress of the Apreo2 installation. Currently, the installation is proceeding smoothly, with the cryo system scheduled for installation next week, followed by the EDS and EBSD systems. Our aim is to have the instrument fully operational for ACMAL staff operation by April. At that time we will be available to perform staff assisted analysis on the instrument. Subsequently, once our staff is proficient and training protocols are established, we will commence user training, likely by mid-June.

If you have a strong interest in utilizing cryo capabilities for your research projects, I encourage you to reach out to me. Additionally, the Apreo2 will have a GIS and heating stages. If you’re interested in utilizing these capabilities for analysis, our staff will be available to assist you.

Impact on the ESEM Capabilities:

It’s important to note that the installation of the EDS and EBSD systems on the Apreo2 will impact the capabilities of the ESEM. Specifically, while the ESEM will retain EDS functionality, the AzTEC Feature will be discontinued, and EBSD capability will no longer be available on the ESEM. However, both these functionalities will be accessible on the Apreo2.


There have been many questions about training. We will prioritize training for the PIs of the proposal, those requiring EBSD or AzTEC features, and then individuals with prior SEM experience.

Timeline Summary:

  • Cryo system installation: Next week
  • EDS and EBSD system installation: Following cryo system installation
  • Apreo2 operational by ACMAL staff : April
  • Commencement of user training: Mid-June

If you have any questions or concerns please let me know.


ATTN FESEM Users – Computer Virus

February 12, 2024

Update on the FESEM, 

  • The microscope now has a clean version of the operating system.
  • This week, MTU IT will be setting up a system to allow for retrieval of the data.

As of today, do NOT put any USB into the FESEM.

February 5, 2024

Just an update. Unfortunately the FESEM is still down. We need to rebuild the hard drive for this computer. HITACHI will be on campus this week to resolve the issue. 

January 26, 2024

All FESEM users need to be aware that there was a virus on the FESM that had been transmitted by the USB drive. HITACHI was on campus this week and confirmed the infection. We are working to get a clean harddrive in the instrument. Until then the FESEM will be unavailable.

Additionally, anyone who has used the USB to transfer files may have malware on their USB and computer. Please work with MTU IT if you have any concerns.

Once the FESEM is back online we will be establishing a new protocol for transferring files. More information will be available soon.

ACMAL Holiday Hours

ACMAL will have limited hours over the upcoming holiday break.

This week, users can access the lab Monday through Friday during normal business hours. We ask that newly trained users make appointments with their trainers during this period so someone is near in case there are troubles.

The university will be closed December 25th – January 1st. Unrestricted users will have unlimited access to the building and labs. 

I am out of the office from December 11 through January 2nd. During this period, if you encounter any issues or have any questions, please reach out to the following contacts:

  • For X-ray Facility questions, please contact
  • For Electron Optics Facility questions or sample preparation, please contact
  • For Scanning Probe Microscopy (AFM) & Surface Analysis (XPS) Facilities questions, please reach out to
  • For Confocal Imaging Facility questions, please contact
    • Dr. Marina Tanasova at 906-487-1163 or email (Cell Culture Lab & Flow Cytometer)
  • In case of an emergency, call public safety by dialing 911.

These individuals, as experts in their respective areas, will be able to assist you promptly. However, please note that for general inquiries or matters not specific to a particular area, it is best to contact me upon my return.

I have complete confidence in the ACMAL team’s abilities to handle any issues that may arise during my absence. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. I will be sure to get back to you promptly upon my return.

Wishing you all continued success with your research.

For STEM users – Analysis Request forms

I have discontinued the “Intake Sample Request” form.

If you are a certified operator of the FEI Titan STEM, please fill in the “Independent Usage Request” form available through this webpage:

If you require staff operated analysis fill in the “Request Analysis” form available through ACMAL webpage


Erico Freitas