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Do I have to take a co-curricular course in my first-semester?

No. However, we recommend taking the co-curricular courses as soon as possible because they are fun, an easy way to meet people with similar interests, and challenging to schedule during senior year around unit operations lab.

New students usually have an opportunity to self enroll in co-curricular courses during Orientation week.

I’m starting out in precalculus (MA 1032 or MA 1120). Can I still graduate in four years?

If you are willing to take summer classes, then yes. You’ll need to take summer classes after your first year and maybe after your second year too to make this work. You can take summer classes at Michigan Tech or at a community college and then transfer in the classes.

If summer classes are not feasible or you can only take a limited number of summer classes then you could also consider adjusting your classes so that you can co-op during the five years. Having engineering work experience through a co-op prior to graduation will help you with landing summer internships and your first full-time job because many employers look for this type of experience when hiring.

If you’d like help getting your options sorted out then set up a meeting with your advisor during a less busy time (week 3-7 of the semester).