Day: February 4, 2019


Lunch and Learn: Teaching, Learning and the Entrepreneurial Mindset
Through a wide variety of programs like KEEN, Enterprise, I-Corps, and Design Thinking, an increasing number of instructors at Michigan Tech are exploring Entrepreneurial Minded Learning (EML).  While it might be tempting to think this applies only in business and engineering, instructors in a much broader set of disciplines are finding that EML improves classroom dynamics, motivation and learning.  In this flipped workshop, participants will be asked to watch short videos from Michigan Tech instructors from a variety of disciplines describing what EML is to them, how they got started, and how it has changed their teaching as well as their approach to research.  Participants will then be able to select those with whom they’d like to have a lunch discussion following a brief overview by Pavlis Honors College Assistant Dean Mary Raber.