Testing Center Celebrates 10 years

Thanks to a generous gift from William G. Jackson, the testing center was established in conjunction with the Center for Teaching and Learning. A server room and office space in the center of the library were renovated to make three private and seven quiet spaces for testing. 

Opening in the Fall of 2013, the Testing Center was started to assist students with accommodations. Prior to that, students were left in classrooms, put into conference rooms or even instructor’s offices. 

Today, the Testing Center uses a software specifically designed for Testing Centers called RegisterBlast. RegisterBlast tracks time allotments for each different exam, the available seating and hours of the Testing Center, specific instructions and accommodations for different students. There are a huge number of variables to track, using this software helps keep it all straight.  

Find more information and instructional videos, see our website. Scheduling Procedures | Michigan Tech Testing Center | Michigan Tech (mtu.edu)

In the 10 years the Michigan Tech Testing Center has been serving our community, over 45,000 Michigan Tech exams and almost 3,000 sponsored exams have been given.

The Michigan Tech Testing Center offers many things to help the students with their testing session. Of course we have lockers for students to put away their belongings, and have items that they can borrow, such as calculators, rulers, pencils, scratch paper, noise canceling headphones or ear plugs. We have desks with computers and desks with electrical outlets, if either are needed. 

Let us help you and the students with testing needs.