New Dissertations in the Library

The Graduate School is pleased to announce new dissertations are now available in the J.R. van Pelt and Opie Library from the following programs:

  • Chemical Engineering
  • Biological Sciences
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Engineering Physics
  • Forest Science
  • Geophysics
  • Industrial Heritage and Archaeology
  • Materials Science and Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics
  • Rhetoric and Technical Communication

Felix Adom
Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering
Advisor: David R Shonnard
Dissertation title: The Potential of Industrial Waste and Agricultural Feedstock Towards Sustainable Biofuels Production: Techno-Economic and Environmental Impact Perspectives

Tianle Cheng
Doctor of Philosophy in Materials Science and Engineering
Advisor: Yu Wang
Dissertation title: Diffuse-Interface Field Approach to Modeling Self-Assembly of Heterogeneous Colloidal Systems and Related Dipole-Dipole Interaction Phenomena

Neluka Dissanayake
Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering Physics
Advisor: Miguel Levy
Dissertation title: Magneto-Photonic Crystals for Optical Sensing Applications

Jiqing Fan
Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering
Advisor: David R Shonnard
Dissertation title: Sustainable Energy Production in the United States: Life Cycle Assessment of Biofuels and Bioenergy

Alexandru Herescu
Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics
Advisor: Jeffrey Allen
Dissertation title: Two-Phase Flow in Microchannels: Morphology and Interface Phenomena

Mohamed Ibrahim
Doctor of Philosophy in Geophysics
Advisor: Wayne D Pennington
Dissertation title: Amplitude-Versus-Angle Analysis and Wide-Angle-Inversion of Crosswell Seismic Data in a Carbonate Reservoir

Kevyn Juneau
Doctor of Philosophy in Forest Science
Advisor: Catherine Sophia Tarasoff
Dissertation title: Integrated Management of the Invasive Species Cirsiumarvense, Canada Thistle, and Phragmites australis, Common Reed: Using Ecologically Based Control Measures at Each Stage of the Invasion Process

Katherine Snyder
Doctor of Philosophy in Biomedical Engineering
Advisor: Rupak M Rajachar
Dissertation title: Development of Vapor Deposited Silica Sol-Gel Particles for a Bioactive Materials System to Direct Osteoblast Behavior

Kefeng Li
Doctor of Philosophy in Biological Sciences
Advisor: Ramakrishna Wusirika
Dissertation title: Isolation of Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria from Torch Lake Sediments and Their Role in Phytoremediation of Metal Contaminated Soil

Wenjia Liu
Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering
Advisor: Bo Chen
Dissertation title: Data Driven Intelligent Agent Networks for Adaptive Monitoring and Control

Kimberly Rudkin
Doctor of Philosophy in Rhetoric and Technical Communication
Advisor: Marika Ann Seigel
Dissertation title: Add a Dash of Rhetoric, a Pinch of Technical Communication, a Handful of Pedagogy, and Mix Well: Cookbooks and Recipes as Instructional Texts, and What Domestic Texts from 1870 to1935 Can Teach Us About Technical Communication

Scott See
Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial Heritage and Archaeology
Advisor: Larry D Lankton
Dissertation title: Keweenaw National Historical Park: Heritage Partnerships in an Industrial Landscape

Pei Tang
Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering
Co-Advisors: Amlan Mukherjee and Nilufer Onder
Dissertation title: Assessing Decision Making Strategies in Construction Management by using a Schedule-based Simulation Framework

Foad Yousef
Doctor of Philosophy in Biological Sciences
Advisor: W. Charles Kerfoot
Dissertation title: Application of Remote Sensing in Aquatic Ecosystems