Book Scanner Stability

9/5/2019: “Improve the stability of the Book Scanner”

One response to “Book Scanner Stability

  1. The book scanner, located in the garden level print alcove, is indeed one of the more maintenance-intense pieces of technology we have. It is used heavily as well. The most common problem we are called on to address is the annoying habit of alternating pages scanning as wrong-reading. This problem (and most other problems with it) are easily addressed with a reboot of the PC and restart of the scanner.
    To address this, we have instituted scheduled, preemptive restarts to the equipment involved and have reviewed and refreshed the firmware used by the scanner. Preliminary results are promising, though under very heavy usage, this problem still occurs.
    If you run into a problem using the equipment, contact the staff at the Library Service Desk and they will get the equipment reset for you.

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