Dragons and More Outlets

10/25/2019: “Dragons and more outlets”

One response to “Dragons and More Outlets

  1. Not sure about Dragons. Although the first and second floor are probably pretty safe, the garden level is likely to be where the Dragon takes up residence/establishes a hoard, especially given proximity to our attractive Archives at the back of the garden level. With the number of Government Documents and historic journals located on the garden level as well, the presence of a fire-breather is not the greatest idea. Especially one whose chaotic alignment likely means they would scoff at policy restrictions against open flames.
    More Outlets: good idea. Actually, we are in the process of rolling out a new class of productivity tools – portable power packs! We have purchased 10 of these for use by our patrons to take power wherever they need it. They should be available soon and will have a loan period of 4 hours, as with most of our productivity tools. View the specifications of these tools.
    To view these and other productivity tools available to our patrons, view our listing online.

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