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Student Entrepreneurs Move On

Two students, organized as AsfalisMed, are headed to North Carolina for the next level of an entrepreneurs’ competition on March 24. Travis Beaulieu, a senior in applied physics, and Joel Florek, a first-year in mechanical engineering, join the Wake Forest Elevator Competition, with 20 other student teams from around the world. READ MORE

Predicting detonation

Calculating the properties of crystals
For more than a decade, Warren Perger has collaborated with a team of researchers at MIT and Washington State University to understand how deformations in crystals ultimately lead to the initiation of a shock and, consequently, a detonation. Researchers at Washington State are performing IR, Raman, and optical absorption studies of energetic crystals; MIT is performing femto-second resolution experiments of the shock-to-detonation transition; and Perger is developing theoretical predictions for these phenomena. READ MORE