Day: April 30, 2013

Three Humanities Scholars are Retiring

Elizabeth Flynn
Elizabeth Flynn

Three senior scholars in composition studies are retiring from the humanities department this year: Elizabeth Flynn, professor of reading and composition; Marilyn Cooper, professor of humanities; and Nancy Grimm, professor of Humanities. Grimm retired in December 2012, while Flynn and Cooper will retire in May 2013. All three contributed in major ways to the development and success of the graduate program in rhetoric and technical communication, which has graduated 88 doctoral and 139 master’s students to date.

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Marilyn Cooper
Marilyn Cooper
Nancy Grimm
Nancy Grimm

19th Annual Student Leadership Awards

Student Leadership Awards 2013Congratulations to the following students, student organizations, and advisors for inspiring community, scholarship, possibilities, accountability and tenacity within Michigan Tech as well as our community.

Here are your 2013 Student Leadership Award recipients within the College of Sciences and Arts:

Undergraduate Students:

Melanie Hoffman, President’s Award for Leadership (Exercise Science)
Michael Adler, Provost Award for Scholarship (Physics)
Claire Meneguzzo, Vice President’s Award for Service (Clinical Lab Science)

Graduate Student:

Kevin Cassell, Exceptional Leadership in Student Governance (Rhetoric & Tech Communication)

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